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Hi, welcome to the MemoryHelper Carer Assistance Tool testing family

Memory helper is an App that aids communication between carers and people living with cognitive impairments such as dementia or brain injury that have caused memory loss. It was created from personal experience of caring for family members who are living with memory loss living independently. It requires no interaction from the care receiver but is fully operated by the carer through the App from a smart phone or any laptop or notebook device that is connected to the internet. Further information can be obtained at The main benefits for Memory helper: The Care Receiver: -Increases independence -reduces anxiety and depression -reduces isolation -increases engagement -reduces panic -enables self care -feels more connected with family or carers -provides memory stimulation -guide to activities and reminders -medication reminders -reduces guilt feelings and feelings of being a burden -helps with day to day tasks -gives time of day orientation The Care Giver: -compliments the care you already give -reduces ‘carer burden’ -reduces carer anxiety -gives the feeling of being able of help -provides reassurance and peace of mind -helps you get your life back as it can be operated from any mobile device from any location where the internet is available -increases communication options -decreases repetitive communication -promotes fewer questions from the care receiver How It Works: Memory Helper resides in the home of the person being cared for. Its is a tablet device or iPad that sits securely on a stand on a piece of furniture that is central to the care receiver’s movements in the home like the kitchen or bedroom. The care receiver just needs to glance occasionally at the tablet and there is no other interaction required. The care receiver’s device requires a WIFI network or internet connection with a SIM card being placed directly in the device. It’s display is setup and managed over the internet by a carer/s through their smart phone, laptop or tablet through the Memory Helper APP. Any changes made by the carer are updated within seconds on the care receiver’s display. There are 4 main display modes each of which are optional and can be setup by the carer with several display options defendant on suitability: -Calendar Clock -Diary -Reminders -Instant Messages

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